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The Institute of Facilities Management Sri Lanka (IFMSL) is the sole professional body for facilities management (FM). It was initially founded in March 2013 as a Facilities Management Group. The process of forming the IFM was commenced in 2011 with the participation of FM graduates, academics and industry professionals with the intention of promoting the FM profession is within Sri Lanka and the global arena.

IFM was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee under the Company Act, No 07 of 2007 by the registrar of companies with effect from 29th September 2014. The inaugural General Meeting of IFM was held on 30th March 2015. IFM was granted 'Sri Lanka' status in May 2016, making it the country's sole representative body for both Facilities Management practitioners and academics.

The main objectives of the institute are to secure the advancement and facilitate the acquisition of knowledge which constitutes the profession of a Facility Manager, to promote and develop knowledge, skills, competencies, and best practices of Facilities Management, to promote professional qualifications, and establish and regulate nationally recognized qualifications as an examining body and to co-operate with, and coordinate actions with organizations and persons whose functions and actions related to Facilities Management profession. IFMSL campaign for brilliance in Facilities Management for the benefit of both the practitioners and the society. IFMSL ensures a high level of professional competence among the membership and those aspiring to be members. This Institute also aims at providing good governance, controlling and maintaining standards of practice while guiding the members in their continuous professional development with a view to develop and promote the Facilities Management profession.

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Along with the active collaboration of the professionals we developed interactive knowledge-sharing platforms resulting in added value to the individual members of each member association to widen their career prospects on latest facilities management practices, technologies, and industry trends.
Achieving excellence always in the facilities management profession directing members adhere the highest professional, ethical and technical standards
Always driven by the excellence of affiliation with the FM community for professional developments and skill enhancement with industry modernizes.